The show addresses issues about the relativity of time and how it relates to its surrounding space in three venues. The concept is built on the fundamental feature of the exhibition spaces, that is, their urban location.

The three venues can be found on three levels of the city in three places of different functions. Underground, on street-level, at a mezzanine. The cellar space of Három Holló has an industrial structure, which together with the fact that it is windowless and is under the ground creates an out-of-the-city experience, a sense of a being in fictive time. The second venue is MyMuseum Gallery located in the busiest area of Budapest with a door to the street right in the heart of the party district, which represents the teeming time of a city. The third space is a reception-like area at mezzanine level, which provides room for those waiting, therefore it is the space of in-between time, time to kill, useless non-time.

The group show exhibits works by young artists working in the field of digital art. The pieces on view as well as the spaces hosting the shows focus on the diversity of how time passes.

Every venue focuses on the harmony and disharmony between inside and outside times, and each of the venues creates different conditions under which the relations between human beings and their surroundings may be examined. Therefore, the exhibition spaces appear as laboratories of the 'urban time', which enables the visitor to deepen their understanding of time through analysis as well as experience.


Marcell piti: terra no.3

installation, 2015

More info about this work: HERE

Márk martinkó:

lightbox installation, 2017

More info about this work: HERE

Anna rubi: the past we didn't know we had

digital video on a digital frame, 2014

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