Thank you for having chosen an artwork from MyMuseum Gallery!

Let us guide you through the set-up of the MyMuseum Digital Frame.

In your pack you should have:

1. 1 Power Adapter and Cable

2. 1 MyMuseum Digital Frame

3. 1 remote control

4.1 battery for the remote control

To set up your MyMuseum Digital Frame, follow the steps below:

1. Place the digital frame on a table so that you can see its back as well and plug it in.

2. First, the logo of My Museum Gallery appears.

3. When this happens you can start setting your WIFI connection with the remote control

3.1.  Press the OK button on the remote control. A list of available WiFi networks appears on the screen.

NOTE: If the frame does not respond to button presses, try pointing the remote control not to the screen, but to the hole in the back of the frame, where you can see a small infra sensor inside.

NOTE: If the remote control does not seem to work, check if the battery is properly in place (no insulator-sheet to prevent contact).

3.2 Select your WIFI network (SSID) by pressing UP and DOWN buttons on the remote control.

NOTE: The numbers before the name of the WIFI networks show the strength of the network. A smaller number means stronger quality.

3.3 If your preferred network is selected press the RIGHT button on the remote control.

3.4 To set the WIFI connection you should write your wifi password. You can select the characters by pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT buttons on the remote control. If you selected a character press OK button on the remote and it will appear in the checkbox on the top of the screen.If you would like to delete a character from the checkbox select DEL on the screen by pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons for finding DEL with the cursor and then press OK.

NOTE: If you can't find a necessary character on the screen by pressing DOWN on the remote control you can reach new rows of characters. If you select the down arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen the cursor jumps to the bottom part of the page where you can find more characters.

NOTE:  If you have selected the wrong WIFI network you can go back to the WIFI network selector page. You should click on the name of the currently selected network on the top of the page to get back to the previous page. 

3.5 If you have finished typing your WIFI password in the checkbox in the top of the screen, select SAVE/OK and press the OK button on.


3.6 Wait 5-6 minutes until the welcome page appears on the screen.

NOTE: If the welcome page doesn't appear on the screen after 10 minutes unplug and plug the power adapter again.

4.1 Place the digital frame on the wall.

4.2 Log in on mymuseum.co and click on MyMuseum.

4.3 Click on FRAMES. Now on the right, you can see the frame(s) you have bought with its identification code.

4.4 On the left you can see the artworks that you have bought. If you right click on the + sign in the bottom right corner of the artwork photo a list of your available digital frames appear.

4.5 Click on the code of the digital frame to which you would like to send the selected artwork.

4.6 Wait 5-20 minutes and the artwork appears on the screen of the digital frame that you have just installed on the wall.

4.7. On mymuseum.co website in MyMuseum/FRAMES you can also set the duration for how long you would like to see a selected artwork in one go. If the artwork is a still image, the unit of the duration that you can set according to your taste is second. If the artwork is a moving image, the unit of the duration that you can set according to your taste is the number of repeats.

NOTE: You can delete the welcome page from your new frame by clicking on the trash icon on the left bottom corner of the picture under the name of your new frame.

Other instructions:

Following Steps 4.4-4.7 you can add more artworks to one frame from your bought collection.

In MyMuseum/FRAMES by dragging artworks within one frame you may determine the order of the works.

By clicking on the trash sign under an Artwork photo in MyMuseum/FRAMES, you may remove the selected Artwork from the selected frame. Later you may add it to your frame again, it does not mean that your artwork disappears.

Enjoy the possibilities offered by the Mymuseum Digital Frame and create your own exhibitions!

Ask for curatorial advice through ttunde@mymuseum.co.

Should you encounter any difficulties while setting up your MyMuseum Digital Frame email us via info@mymuseum.co or call us on +36205676045. If your call is not answered immediately, we will call you back within 72 hours.

If you are interested in the news about My Museum Gallery and the artists we represent follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can subscribe to our newsletter HERE.

Enjoy the artwork(s) you have selected and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Best wishes, T√ľnde and Veronika