The exhibition examines impacts of direct and indirect experience. It explores how experiences of others or an illusionary vision/experience shape our way of thinking. It simultaneously focuses on the interpretation of the impacts of known/unknown people’s personal memories on an individual as well as of doubts in authenticity. 

The artworks by Bán, Kovács and Varga use the artists’ personal memories to build up a universal experience. Their works discuss personal issues as well as political and social aspects. Bán’s video captures the zeitgeist of a time with its content and also with the technology it uses. Kovács’s installation creates a universal experience, which is political in nature, simultaneously with a highly personal experience on the impacts of a war in one’s close environment on the individual who is fundamentally safe. Varga’s works examine the process of how intimate memories are processed. The videos by Daraghmeh and Bori address the operation of collective memory and the photos by Zagyvai present how cultures meet, distant places merge. The repetitive, timeless stories point out how one’s experience survives regardless of the experienced space and age. The photo by Deim combines features of collective and personal remembering processes and focuses on indirect experience. There are two more artworks that explore indirect experience, they also provoke the feeling of doubt the most, as they create artificial, fictitious experiences. Bürgy’s photo and Birkás’s VR piece explore the borderline areas between believable and unbelievable, conjuring experience of unreal situations, which is a paradox in itself. 

The artworks on display discuss the topic of experience transfer with the use of techniques that are closely related to authenticity and first-hand experience of potentially unauthentic origin. The exhibiting artists worked with personal family videos, manipulated photos and virtual reality, which reflects on the attitudes of today on knowledge gained through information or through experience. 


OM bori: maria, josephine, margarete

digital video trilogy on 15.6" digital frames, 2019, ed. 5+1

ZAGYVAI Sári: distant lands / ethnic restaurants

giclée print, 2020 40x30cm, ed. 3+2

viktor varga: photos not to have

digital print on Dibond, 45x30cm, 2020, ed. 3

hasan draghmeh: keep going no. 5

digital video on 15.6" digital frame, 2018, ed.30 

Balázs deim: Space -Challenger (speed of light)

giclée print - TECCO: PHOTO PL 250 Luster paper 40x100cm, 2019, ed. 8+2

 Fabian BÜRGY: Black Cloud

digital print on Dibond, 124x70cm, 2013, ed. 3

GYULA KOVÁCS: 99- at the southern border

VR installation, 2020, ed. 3+1