'The Medium is the Message' Project, was presented to the audience as a slogan with the alphabet ‘Gestuno’, the only international sign language. Mcluhan says, ‘The Medium is the Message’; A medium shapes our perception and reshapes. According to mcluhan, the real content of the medium is itself. Medium is the human extension and this extension covers everything that comes to mind. McLuhan; Along with the technological developments in the world, it tells us that it gives a kind of message to people more than messages transmitted by means of communication, and therefore the society has changed. It tells us that instead of content, we should focus on the form. At this point, the content always exists in a certain way and is directed to some degree by the dynamics of this form. If the vehicle is not medium, the message is also unknown. In this sense medium is the common communication. in the project, the contents of the message constitute the sign language and the channel of the message is also presented to the audience with Neon. The content of the message is presented to the audience and it is aimed to transform the communication model with the language into a visual communication model.

The Medium is the Message
TITLE:  The Medium is the Message
ARTIST:  Hamza Kirbas
DATE:  2018
  • neon light installation 35X350 cm