The central motif of the work is the flower, which is a concept that in itself provokes a fairly homogenous interpretation in people and stimulates a process of attaching widely accepted connotations and values to it. In addition, in art flower plays a uniquely focal role thanks to the classic genre of still lives. This common knowledge and valued traditions create preconceptions in people’s minds, however the artworks on display surpass the well-known system and question the accepted associations connected to the concept of flowers at the same time integrating people’s behaviours based on their preconceptions into the structure of the show. The binary way of thinking uses smooth vs. rough, harmonious vs. chaotic, natural vs. artificial, real vs. fake opposites to allocate values to the flower, and the positive end of the scale is considered to be its characteristics. In contrast, the pieces on show focus on the diversity of the beauty of a flower and aims to raise awareness of the heterogenity of possible interpretations of one notion.

TITLE:  Flower 1 c CT video
ARTIST:  Zoltán Vadászi
DURATION:  9 sec
DATE:  2018
EDITION:  1/40
  • digital video on a digital frame
The prices do not include the digital frame. Further info on frame costs HERE.