Social order (not natural) is a symbolic order established by the imposition of the actuators of the familiar structures. As Wacquant said, the work of power mechanisms, which is a snapshot of power balances, is much more workable than providing concepts for the descriptive work that the mainstream will love. It is a photograph documenting the pressures of the nominal laws of nature, which reveal the production mechanism of the symbolic power, which has suddenly revealed the anthological accomplices of the society. An example of this photograph could be that Festus okey, who entered the Beyo─člu police station, used it as evidence to show that he had been wounded from the police station and could provide this opportunity to invalidate the domination mechanisms by displaying them at the beginning of the work. 

TITLE:  Domination Mechanism
ARTIST:  Hamza Kirbas
DURATION:  238 sec
DATE:  2017
EDITION:  1/50
  • digital video on a digital frame
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