The exhibition addresses issues about the impacts of new platforms and media appearing online on the disappearing border between public and personal and on the distinctiveness of art. These two fields, the concept of art and the term personal have become closely interrelated because the current communication channels and media predominantly deal with visual information. As a result, the image, especially the photograph, has a key role in the information flow, which reveals the previously hidden personal space in sometimes embarrassing details, and mashes the contours of categories, private photo, and art photo.

It is exciting to experiment with various settings for one image and observe its metamorphosis how differently the same piece may work as part of the overwhelming visual information flow and on display in an exhibition space. How does the carrier change the message? What happens if the Google Street View photo is printed in a photobook if the Instagram pic is framed or the facebook selfie is drawn?

The artworks on show draw attention to questions about the various media by changing the settings and displaying the image differently. These basic questions evoke privacy, gender and art theory issues such as the transformation of personal information into pure data, the discrepancy between a selfie and an actual ego or how these processes affect the role of contemporary galleries and museums.


Hamza KIRBAS: Medium is the Message

installation, 2017

More info about this work: HERE

Barbara Moura: To look outside oneself

printed digital photo, 2017

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tibor nagy: 999_golems

printed digital photo, 2018

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